STEMuli is a minority and women-owned educational technology enterprise based in Dallas, Texas, founded in June 2016. The STEMuli platform connects students to meaningful career development experiences and maintains a portfolio of students’ every achievement, certification, and development milestones to help them showcase their skills to the marketplace and land the job of their dreams.

How STEMuli Products Can Help School Districts Succeed

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STEMuli™ helps schools seamlessly integrate multiple complex data reporting tools into one easy to use dashboard.

Data Available on STEMuli™ Dashboards:

  • PEIMS Attendance Reports
  • Student Progress Monitoring
  • CCRM Engagement and Attendance Data
  • Industry Partner Engagement
  • Campus Productivity Reports 

STEMuli helps campuses provide these digital wrap around support services for students:

  • Counseling
  • Tutoring
  • Social Emotional
  • College Readiness
  • Career Readiness


STEMuli™ designed an industry partner portal in collaboration with Thomson Reuters and Microsoft to help businesses engage, train, recruit, and hire their future workforce.

Through STEMuli Partners can:

  • Host Live Workshops & Guest Speaker Series
  • Develop Micro-Certifications for Students
  • Create Work-based Capstone Projects
  • Participate in Virtual Mentorship

Data Available on Industry Partner Dashboards:

  • Volunteer Hours
  • Student Engagement with Industry Partner Content
  • New Engagement Opportunities


STEMuli™ acts as a GPS guide to navigate students through each and every step in preparation for the job of their dreams.  On STEMuli™ students have access to live and recorded instruction provided by world-class educators, industry partners, and mentors.

Virtual Classroom

  • Live and recorded instruction
  • Industry partner workshops

Digital Portfolio & Resume

  • Certifications
  • Accomplishments
  • Volunteer Work

Virtual Career Experiences

  • Virtual Mentorship
  • Virtual Work-based Challenges created by Industry Partners
  • Virtual Industry Partner Guest Speaker Series


To date, over 20,000 students and 100’s of industry partners are utilizing STEMuli™ to train, recruit, prepare, and engage with high school and college talent entering the workforce across the industrial spectrum.


These industry partners have set a gold standard for engaging and preparing students for the workforce.


We worked directly with large urban districts, students, and employers to design a robust platform to power the next generation. 


At STEMuli, we are committed to ensuring that every individual is a click or tap away from a world-class education. Our mission is to increase representation in leadership and STEM positions by developing technologies that enable businesses and public-school systems to transform communities and thrive.


We believe equitable access to knowledge and the opportunity to learn are fundamental human rights that will enable all communities to thrive. Our vision is to develop technologiess to help public-school systems empower and uplift all communities.

To invest in this cause, go to www.FutureofDallas.org


Nationally, over 80% of students graduate high school yet only 20% test college and career ready. In Dallas County, those statistics are even more shocking, 86% of students graduate yet only 13% are deemed college and career ready.

Underserved students lag far behind their peers in the area of STEM. Only 2% of students meeeting all three underserved criteria achieved the ACT STEM Readiness Benchmark.


Taylor Shead - Chief Executive Officer

Taylor Shead is a former collegiate basketball player at Loyola Marymount University and Apple, Inc Employee. Over the last 10 years Taylor has worked on research and development projects with the Orange County Department of Education, the State of Utah STEM Action Center, Follett School Solutions, and Pearson Education focused on STEM education & college and career readiness. Under her leadership, STEMuli™ Education was awarded the Succeeding Together P-TECH Industry Partner of the Year by Dallas Independent School District.

Wade Aston - Chief Product Officer

Graduating from The University of Texas at Dallas, with a degree in Software Engineering, Wade’s journey with STEMuli™ began as a colleague of Taylor at Apple. Currently, Wade leads the charge for STEMuli™ product development, design, quality control, and interoperability with our institutional partners. With nearly two years of development, the first phase of the platform rolled out to pilot in Dallas ISD, Microsoft, Accenture, Amazon, and Apple in 2018; where it was recognized for innovation, student engagement, and the future of workforce development.


To request a catalog of our products and services please email [email protected]

If you are interested in viewing a demo of our technology, contact us here.

We believe if you change perspective, you change outlook, if you change outlook, you change trajectory, if you change trajectory, you change outcomes.”

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